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Dj Anchor's Technical Ryder for performances

Technical Ryder


Turnbales (2) Tech 1200's MKII or MK5 (Reloop RP-8000 or Pioneer PLX-1000) [NO CDJs]
Mixer (1) Rane 57MKII, Rane 62, Pionner S9 [No Controllers]
All Necessary Cables


Serato DJ (Scratch Live)
Mix Emergency

Main Audio Outputs

2x XLR's

Main Video Outputs

HDMI or VGA [NO RCA, Composite or S Video will work)

Booth Monitor

1/4 Inch Connection
To The DJ's Left, Ear Height, 15" Powered Speaker or Greater

Sound Check:

Artist/Dj Anchor reserved the right to a thorough sound check if desired, prior to the doors opening to the public at the venue.

Artist/Dj Anchor reserves the right to a 30 min of exclusibe time on the house system with the aide of the sound technician working the venue/show the day of the performance.

Technical Ryder

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