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Dj Anchor Bio 2012

Dj Anchor (of Armed With Harmony) is an innovator in the Dj industry; with over 2,000 custom audio/video remixes, his set's are exclusive, unique and always changing. In today's competitive dj world, many dj's begin to sound and look the same, but with 10+ years of adaptations in order to stay ahead of the times, Dj Anchor can truly say he stands apart from the crowd. Having a strong background in different types of Dj'ing: Video Mixing, High End Clubs, Commercial Radio, Festivals, Corporate, Special Events, Opening for Major Recording Artists, and Mobile, he is able to select the right music for the occasion. From Top40, Electronic, Hop Hop, Mash Ups, Reggae, Old School, 80's & 90's Dj Anchor can do it all with a unique flare.

Dj Anchor is also an established Music Director, On Air Personality and Mixshow Dj. With over 150 Live To Air's (broadcasts from the Club to the radio) and 600 mix shows (5:00 Traffic Jam on Wired 96.3) his timeslot is always #1 in the ratings. These tools allow Dj Anchor to know what songs will make your crowd go crazy, be entertaining on the mic and keep the mixes tight.

His video remix crew (Armed With Harmony consisting of Dj Matt Fossey) has been recognized worldwide for doing quality video remixes that are being played by the biggest video dh's, in the biggest venues around the globe and are consistently #1 on the top 25 Downloads at, a site that services 10,000 Video Dj's.

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