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Cinema Under The Stars - Terms And Conditions

Re-Open Sask Rules Apply
 - see below

Drive-in theatres must meet the following conditions:
 Physical distancing should observed at all times, with a minimum of two
metres between individuals when outside of vehicles.
 Vehicles must be separated by a minimum of five metres.
 Only individuals from the same household may occupy the same vehicle.
 If customers are required to have contact with any equipment (e.g. speaker),
the equipment must be cleaned and disinfected after each use. Please refer
to the Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines on P. 14.
 Where possible, payments should be accepted through contactless methods
(e.g. tap or e-transfer).
 Access to washroom facilities must be limited.
 Where washroom access is provided, frequent cleaning and
disinfection must take place throughout the movie.
 Physical distancing of two metres must be maintained for those
waiting for washroom facilities.

 Food/concession services are limited to contactless pick-up or delivery only
and must ensure physical distancing.
 While waiting for food pick up, physical distancing must be observed.
 Provide soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer approved
by Health Canada (DIN or NPN number) for customers and staff to use.
 All common touch items should be removed from service, such as
removing bottles/pumps. Self-contained condiment packets should be
distributed by staff.

 All other services and common areas must be suspended, including picnic
areas and play areas.
 Employees must have access to soap and water or an alcohol-based hand
sanitizer approved by Health Canada (DIN or NPN number) for hand hygiene
and appropriate cleaner and disinfectants per COVID-19 Cleaning and
Disinfection of Public Facilities on P. 14.
 Employees are required to stay home if they are sick or symptomatic.
 Patrons should be reminded that anyone who is feeling sick or symptomatic
must remain at home.


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